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Latest News & Press Releases


Why a Managed IT Support Contract Makes Financial Sense Over Ad-Hoc Services

In today’s fast-paced business environment, ensuring continuous and efficient operation of IT systems is more crucial than ever. While some companies might be tempted to adopt a wait-and-see approach to IT maintenance—addressing issues as they arise rather than investing in …


Enhancing Security with MFA and Conditional Access: A Guide for Businesses

In today’s digital age, safeguarding your business’s data and systems is more crucial than ever. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and conditional access are at the forefront of protective strategies that can significantly enhance your security posture. As your trusted IT Managed …


The Critical Importance of Phishing Training for Your Staff

In the digital age, cybersecurity threats are more prevalent and sophisticated than ever, with phishing attacks at the forefront of these dangers. Phishing scams, designed to deceitfully obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details, are increasingly …

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HMO Wi-Fi & CCTV Upgrade

Just completed a job for a local charity to resolve two issues: The building was being served by a single BT Hub which was upstairs in a communal hallway. South West IT moved all equipment into the loft area and …


15 Camera Rack

Slowly building this rack out, 6 x Aruba Wi-Fi 6 aps, and 15 new cameras. Still loads to do in the rack but taking shape! Follow us on Facebook to learn more

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials Training for Weldmar Hospicecare

We are absolutely delighted to get the amazing Weldmar Hospicecare through their Cyber Essentials, and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications for the 3rd year running. This shows their commitment to Cyber Security as only 6% of organisations have the standard cert, …

Portland Stone Firms

Portland Stone Firms – Connectivity

We have been busy up at Portland Stone Firms today prepping for the arrival of two new industrial machines. We ran 150 metres of 8-core OM4 fibre optic cable as a backbone to allow internet connectivity for the new equipment …

School CCTV Installation South West IT 01

School CCTV Installation

Install at a local school nearly finished. Dual Lens cameras do the job of two devices! This one camera covers so much estate, and the quality is Less cable runs = lower capex

Quayside Bar and Kitchen CCTV Upgrade South West IT

Quayside Bar & Kitchen CCTV Upgrade

Just kicking off a Wi-Fi and CCTV upgrade here at the magnificent Quayside Bar & Kitchen down on Weymouth harbourside. We are revamping the Wi-Fi and data, allowing better connectivty to till’s and portable payment devices. In top of that, …

South West IT Rack

Rack Build Out Work In Progress

Starting this rack build out, 18 cameras all terminated. More data to go and also some VRRP connectivity. Should fill this little tinker up quite quickly, 7u to go

Les Enfants Terribles

Restaurant Les Enfants Terribles CCTV and Wi-Fi

First job of the day at the wonderful Restaurant Les Enfants Terribles, move this camera down to allow better viewing of the beautiful outside seating area. We then installed some external Wi-Fi to allow trouble free card payments outside.

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Portesham United FC Sponsorship

Very excited about this sponsorship with Portesham United FC ! One of the longest established clubs in the area. As you can see Adam will be the main striker, Garth and myself will be in roles simular to Trent AA …

Aruba Wi Fi installation

Aruba Wi-Fi Installation for The Crown Hotel

New Aruba Wi-Fi installation for the amazing The Crown Hotel, Weymouth! We installed an internal 10Gpbs fibre back bone with our fusion splicing equipment, and a high speed leased line, giving super fast speeds for guests. We installed 23 Aruba …

Full TP Link stack 1

Full TP-Link Stack Installation

Super clean little comms install for a new build. Real tight space so installed everything inside this little wall mount cab. Full TP-Link stack: Really please with how this came out.

VoIP Systems

Dorset Care Home VoIP System Installation

Today we are getting ready to pre-configure the first of several up-and-coming VoIP systems to be installed in a Dorset care-home. The requirement for this specific deployment was to be able to roam the entire 35-resident care home spread across …

Weymouth Beach Live Streaming Cam

Weymouth Beach Live Streaming Camera

A new live streaming cam installed on Weymouth beach today. We will pop the link up as soon as it is live.