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About South West IT

Welcome to South West IT, where passion meets professionalism in the world of managed IT services!

Founded by two IT enthusiasts driven by a love for technology and a commitment to exceptional customer experiences, SW-IT isn’t your typical IT service provider. We’re on a mission to not only solve your tech woes but also to create a haven where both our team and clients can thrive.

At the heart of SW-IT lies our dedication to customer service. We don’t just fix problems; we build lasting partnerships with clients who trust us to do what’s right. Our secret sauce? It’s our ability to communicate effectively and foster genuine connections that make the tech journey smoother and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

But what truly sets us apart? It’s our belief in creating a workplace where passion meets purpose. We’re not just anonymous voices on a phone; we’re doing what we love every single day. And that passion reflects in every interaction we have, ensuring that our clients feel not just supported, but genuinely cared for.

While we take our work seriously, we’re not afraid to inject a bit of humour and personality into what we do. After all, tech mishaps are bound to happen, but it’s how we handle them with a smile that truly defines us, and makes our clients feel at ease.

At South West IT, inclusivity and diversity aren’t just buzzwords; they’re integral parts of who we are. We celebrate the unique perspectives and talents each team member brings to the table, knowing that diversity fuels innovation and drives us forward.

So whether you’re facing a tech crisis or simply want to elevate your IT experience, remember that SW-IT is here to make it happen— with a smile and a touch of tech magic.

Meet The Team

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Andy Hardy

Executive Director

A concoction of boundless passion, a sprinkle of technical ability, and a dash of relentless hard work—that’s Andy in a nutshell! From the moment he stepped into the world of IT, he knew he was destined to run his own business, built for, and around a strong team of individuals, all doing the one thing they love the most. Andy has built the ethos of our company and is the driving force behind our success. Outside of work, Andy loves Football, Combat Sports and enjoys going to the gym.

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Adam Comben

Executive Director

A rare unicorn of a human being, Adam is a gifted individual with a mind shrouded in mystery. His ability to remember numbers is quite frankly, scary, and his typing speed could quite literally break Mavis Beacon teaches to touch type world records. His technical ability and love for IT is one of the main reasons South West IT became what it is today. Outside of work, Adam loves all things motorsport, from motorbikes to go-karts, if he wasn’t so good at I.T, he would be a racing driver, we are sure of that!

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Garth Johns


Since joining South West IT, Garth has proven to be an essential asset in more ways than one, which is why he was promoted to a Director. The master of spreadsheets ensures our numbers are more balanced than a Yogi on a tightrope. Not only is he a freak in the Excel Sheets, but actually a great tech, so a real double edged sword in our arsenal. Outside of work, Garth loves to keep fit, and is a keen follower of the sun, to whatever exotic country that might take him to.

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Dan Clarke

Support Solutions Specialist

Meet Dan, our resident tech whiz and gaming aficionado at SW-IT.

Dans commitment to delivering exceptional technical support has made him an indispensable part of our organisation.

When he’s not streamlining systems or enhancing network performances, Dan is an ardent gamer, often seen outwitting his opponents in the virtual arena. His competitive spirit and sharp gaming skills are matched only by his dedication at home, where he enjoys spending quality time with his three children.

Dan underscores our commitment to excellence in customer service. His contribution to SW-IT is not just professional but personal, making him a beloved member of our team and a favourite among clients. Dan truly embodies the spirit of SW-IT, where technology meets human touch.

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Nate Sullivan

TechOps Manager

We are thrilled to introduce Nate, the most recent member of our SWIT family. As our operations manager, Nate is likely the friendly voice you’ll hear when you call our office. Their role is pivotal, but to list all of Nate’s contributions would require far more space than we have here!

Nate is a quintessential person-for-all-seasons, bringing an insatiable thirst for knowledge that keeps even the most seasoned among us on our toes.
With a penchant for organisation and a process-driven approach, Nate is constantly searching for innovative ways to enhance productivity and streamline our operations.

While you might imagine Nate enjoying serene strolls in the park at sunset, they’re more likely to be found engaging in epic Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. A true enthusiast, Nate lights up at the mention of D&D. So, if you’re ready for an adventure, just roll a D20 and settle in for a memorable journey with Nate leading the charge.


Harry Nicholson

Operations Manager

He’s Back! Our Very Own Globe-Trotter Returns! (well he moved to Wales which is another country to be fair)

Hold onto your keyboards, because Harry has returned to South West IT, and not a moment too soon! After a stint in the world of finance across the bridge, he’s back where the Wi-Fi connects automatically and the sound of “have you switched it off and on again” rings through the air!

Yes, Harry tried to make it in finance, but let’s be honest, the call of tech was too strong to ignore. We like to think it was the allure of our office snacks that really brought him back, or maybe just the fact we got rid of our super expensive coffee machine, and he won’t ever have to clean it again.

So, roll out the red carpet and update the Wi-Fi password, because Harry is here to stay. Dust off your desk, buddy—your fan club has been waiting!



Our Top Doggone Techie!

Alfie may not be your typical IT whiz, but he’s got some serious bark-end skills! With a nose for sniffing out bugs and a tail-wagging attitude towards problem-solving, Alfie is the paw-fect addition to our tech team.

His expertise includes advanced treat-fetching algorithms, proficiency in tail-wag encryption, and an uncanny ability to ‘paws’ the Wi-Fi when it’s acting up. When he’s not chasing his ball in the field, you can find Alfie coding away like a dog possessed, or supervising the office with his discerning eye (and nose).

Don’t let his fluffy exterior fool you; behind those adorable eyes lies a genius who can sniff out a server error from a mile away. So, if you’re in need of some tail-wagging tech support, look no further than our resident IT wiz, Alfie!

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Maybe You?


We love to develop passionate like minded people, and have invested heavily in our staff. We utilise automation and our multidisciplinary skill sets to work to maximum efficiency. That’s not to say we are not looking for the next member of our team and we would love to hear from anybody who thinks they could be a good fit.